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Hey there,

So you are thinking about investing in professional portraits to remember this special time in your life, but how do you decide WHO is the right photographer for you? The more comfortable and confident you feel with your photographer the more relaxed and natural you will look in front of the camera (which ultimately will give you photos that you love rather than those stiff awkward fake smiles). With 8years experience photographing newborns, kids, couples and families you can rest assured that you are going to be in good hands.

So what can you expect?


Like most things preparation is key to a good end result. This means that I want to know all about you and your family. Why are these portraits so important to you? What is your style? Your personality? Who do you want photographed? From this we can work together to customise a portrait session that captures images you will love. I will help guide you to decide on the location, timing, and what to wear in order to fit with your personal style, as these decisions will impact the look of your final images. While you don't have to decide exactly how and where you want to display your finished portraits it can be helpful to think about this before your photoshoot. Do you want one giant canvas portrait of your family in the lounge, or a collection of framed prints down the hallway, a close up of your newborn for above their cot, or maybe an heirloom album or showcase print box to keep a special collection of images together. Knowing which products you love the most will help me capture images that suit those products. We can jump on the phone so I can find out about your ideas/needs/desires for your session, and you can ask any questions you might have.


If at the end of the call you think I am the photographer for you then we can book in an appointment for your portrait session (or if you are wanting a your newborn photographed who hasn't made their big arrival yet we can pencil in some dates around your due date). To secure your appointment a session fee of $150 is required. This covers all the pre-planning, your portrait session, and the ordering appointment afterwards (the session fee does not cover any digital or printed products). I will then send you some more information about what to expect, and we will keep in touch leading up to your appointment to make sure the day of your session goes as smoothly as possible.

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This looks a little different depending on the type of session you have booked and the location. You will have received more information prior to your session to know exactly what to expect on the day and what to bring for your particular session. However we always make sure that we have enough time to let everyone get warmed up to the camera, get a variety of images, but not drag on too long that the kids are over it. We do allow extra time for our newborn portrait sessions so we can be baby lead, while still having time for feeding, changing, and settling. My job is to help everyone feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible despite me following you around with a giant camera. Because we have discussed it before hand I will have a good idea about what your goals are for the session and I will be able to guide you through how to capture portraits that fit your style and personality. Don't worry if you are not sure how to pose (most of my clients are regular families and not professional models) my job is to guide you into positions that make you look good, and make the best of the light and then create a natural moment whether that be silly and fun, or quiet and heartfelt.

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At the end of your portrait session if we haven't already we will schedule your ordering appointment. This is typically within 2 weeks of your session, where you will come into my studio and get to view a slideshow of the best images that we captured during your session. During this appointment you will decide on your favourite images and what products you want to display them. There is no pressure to buy and you only order what you love. It's important that all the decision makers are at this appointment as we want to make sure that everyone is happy with the final purchase, and we don't leave out anyones favourites. We have something for everyone with a variety of products ranging from $350 to $5000, with many families choosing a collection of multiple products totalling $1500-$2000. If you are after a portrait for the wall, there is no need to guess about what size to choose as we have advanced software where we take a photo of your home and show you to scale how your finished portraits will look on your walls. 

So if you would like to know more about how I can customise a portrait experience for you get in touch today. I look forward to discussing how I can capture some beautiful timeless images of your family. 


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